Sunday, December 23, 2007
Merry Christmas everyone.
This is a hard Christmas so far. The background stresses are full force at the moment. My health is showing its ugly face and its taking all my strength to hide it. I thought once we were here it would be "plain sailing" but we have taken on a big, big change. Jen has taken on a big issue with me. The extra movement/excesses is proving to be difficult. Jen has seen me at my worst. The wet, naked Dave out of a bath should have been enough to set her stress levels through the roof but Jen dealt with it. She has some under lining anger issues but she hasn't killed me yet(he says smiling). We have some family events over the next few days and I even have a pub visit planned with some old friends so I maybe away for a while. I just thought I would wish you all a happy and pain free Christmas.

Have fun and stay well,
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Monday, December 17, 2007
My first day on my own in St. Annes
Its nice to sit down and listen to music again. I have a 'thing' for Cafe' del mar and Jazz that Jen doesn't. I now feel like I am home. I can make it out on my own too but today is for my music. Jen has gone out today. I think a day trip to Manchester shopping will do her some good. She is picking up some Christmas presents but I think familiar shopping with my money might make her happy.(a short term fix but a fix non the less)

Let me tell you about St. Annes in a wheelchair. The buses up here are different than in Manchester. Wheelchairs in the city have priority over prams and pushchairs so its easy access to any part of the city. Going to the local bar or pub have easy access also. The pavements are hard work but you can get about. In St. Annes its a bit different. The pavements are harder work. Locally there is an issue with substance which effects pushing your wheelchair on long self propelled journeys. If you have batteries in a wheelchair I would think its fine. There is many of the older generation here in monster trucks riding the pavements with the greatest of ease. I am just waiting for one of them to say "Eat my dust" and leave me behind cackling like a witch on their way. The buses are a different issue. Well look at this:

No priority for wheelchairs. It's OR. I had to wait 6 buses to get into Blackpool. There is no policy apart from '1st come 1st first served'. There are so many young families here I am surprised I got on at all.....I am not bitter honest but we are not having kids just to be given a priority.

I will get back to normal soon honest. I am just waiting for a bus eh!

Stay well,
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Saturday, December 15, 2007
New life....Same broken body.
Its weird. I had big plans for us when we got here. The grass is always greener I guess. I have had 1 old friend contact me. One! Friends who I thought would be here to say "Hi." haven't. She told me one guy thought I was dead. One guy to knock off the Christmas card list eh. I was hoping Jen would fit in with a group. There is no group. I can tell she is sad and missing her friends. I hope I can fix this.

Oh....The broken body bit. I fell down a flight of stairs....Backwards. My body is still getting used to the extra exercise and Elvis knee's don't help. I climbed the stairs and when I reached the top step my left leg didn't move. Right leg started to wobble. I went backwards and grabbed out for the banister. My hand held tight with my body falling down the stairs. I felt the muscles in my left arm and chest rip. I let go and bounced down the stairs banging my ribs on every second step. I know how to fall and reduce damage so I didn't break any bones. My ribs got a bit pulled but the worst damage is my pride. I had a couple of nights hard sleep but I am good now. Still a bit painfull to touch but I guess I am ok now. A couple of days rest and I will be fine.
Underworld Crocodile

I just hope I can get a few friends round to make Jen feel more comfortable.

Stay well,
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Monday, December 10, 2007
Oh my god....We are in!!!!
We have taken a few days just to relax(for me anyway) and get on with a few things. I am settled. Jenny has job. We have money and a beautiful home and I am retired...... Yeah I am retired.... I haven't had time to think about that before now. Now I am retired... What am I going to do now? Hmmmm. Time to think about it I guess. Time to get a flat cap and a really good hobbie.

Lets take a look at what St. Annes from my view point:

I think I may be happy here.

I think this place has art on its mind.

Or maybe a dark side to it.
Lets see what I can do here eh.(and no I won't do wall art like this!)

Stay well,
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Oh we do like to be by the seaside...
New house, new stairs, new life starts here. What a week it has been! A mass collection of great extremes of emotion and physical excursion.(common terms..trauma and drama!). I would like to say I dealt with the changes with the greatest of ease but I would be lying. Jen took the brunt of the stress and then I'd try to fix her, I'd fail but at least I had tried. Then I would get stressed and I would sort myself out. Keeping your head down seemed to work. It did. We are here, bruised and bumped but we are here. If I didn't have Jen I would still be in Manchester.

Let me tell you about our great house. Its a maisonette....A house within a house....A mini house.... A two up two down..... It's beautiful. Hard work but great exercise for me. You come into the house go up one flight of stairs and open the door to our house. Wood flooring in our fronts room, tiled floor in kitchen, stairs to the bathroom and bedroom and our bed is on the top floor. You spend two years lying down and now I have to work my body just to rest. My Elvis knee's hurt but they are getting better. It's hard but worth it. I have even done press ups and sit ups and I feel stronger. I still have ms and it is evident that I am disabled but I feel.....Good. The house is great and I am in St Anne's with the woman I love......No matter how much she shouts at me(It's not that much honest).

The bills are all sorted out. We are going to be fine. No Maria and no stress. Who'd have thought eh!

I will get music back on here soon.

Stay well,
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