Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Happy Anniversary Baby 1 year today!

And Nizlopi New tune!

I love you more than life itself Jen! I cant wait to see you on tuesday!

Sorry peeps this one is for the girl I love!
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  • At 7:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've got something good to die for which makes it beautiful to live...
    I love you very much...
    come what may...
    (Well, I had to get it in

  • At 7:30 am, Blogger Lauren said…

    Jen, you GOTTA love a guy that loves music by Marvin Gaye..oh yeaaah! Happy anniversary you two. Let me introduce myself...Hi all, I was a patient that testified via videotape at the FDA AC hearing on 3/8/06 to try and get Tysabri back to those of us that need it. I've been living with MS for 30+ years and for 29 of those years, I was RRMS and was starting to have disabling relapses. I had my one and only infusion of Tysabri in 2/05...WOW, what a difference it made in my increasing disabilities! Tysabri stopped my attacks, and improved my symptoms so much I went from a walker to a cane with no limp within 2 weeks of my infusion! Then after the drug was pulled on 3/1...I was ok until 6/5/05 and then I had my worst relapse/attack ever which left me w/c bound. But I know Tysabri can help me may take longer to show improvements again, but Tysabri gave me hope, and I have faith in it. If anyone would like to correspond with me about MS, Tysabri, or the small risk of PML, you can reach me at LGLBGL2003@AOL.COM. You can also check out my homepage at and I'm in the process of creating my own blog "Living With MS" for others to share ideas and comments about their MS and/or therapies (I support the patient's right of choice, whichever therapy they choose). Be well, all my very best to all who read this. Lauren :)

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