Saturday, June 18, 2005
1st weekend by myself?!?!?!?
Well its saturday morning and I am doing things for me.... Not to be seen in a bad way! Its just I would do things with other people in mind and now anything I do is for me and I dont think its familiar ground for me!
it nothing strange its just strange for me! I have allways lived with someone in the same place.
Growing up....6 people in house
Teenager ....lived with mates Even when I had a place on my own last time there was allways somone round.....Now tho....just me! Weird!

Feeling a bit better today! eyes are fine, back still has a shooting pain when I move to I am not! Been looking through photo's from my sis Wedding! Sister looks great in wedding dress! Me and sinead photo looks great....we looked happy....both of us! oh well!

listening too: Nitin Sawhney-Homelands (very dancey type jazz man!)

hope you are all ok

posted by personallog! @ 1:32 pm  
  • At 4:11 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Its dead hot so will probly spend all day here in the nude! Its not doing the shivers any good at all!

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