Tuesday, June 14, 2005
growing dislike for U2!!!!
i useually like u2 and there ever changing music trends....but tonight! I was on route for doing a full days work, infact it got to 16:00 and legs just given up! I did have an out of body head at 11:00 and just got over it. Then the legs went! I planed to take a taxi from work to home and ordered one...2 hours later the taxi turns up! delayed by traffic for the concert! If I was stat at my desk it would have been a full days work!!! But traffic back home was delayed too! 30 mins delay for 45k people trying to get to the gig I got home allmost in tears with pain! Got a visit for the physio tomorrow too!

Damb! At least Vix cam and left a note! I bet she is here for the gig too! I was so close to ringing sinead.....not her place!

hope every body is better than me!
Dave....getting a beer!
posted by personallog! @ 8:52 pm  
  • At 11:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi dave, sorry we missed the weekend bbq wanted to come up but have to pay for hols this month! sounds like everyone enjoyed it though. I know what you mean about having crappy days, I pulled my stomach muscles at the gym trying to be healthy the other day and the next morning at work fell over onto a flower pot stand and smashed a wood crate apart. ouch! I have some cracking bruises.
    Also Sam the dog is getting his op next week, chipped, snipped and clipped, all together! Hope your physio goes ok! Love Clumsy ass sis

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