Wednesday, June 08, 2005
cant wash off the hospital smell, hospital smell!
Just got in the door from recieving the blue doom injection!
1st....feel like somones trying to inflate me from the inside!
2nd...still have ms!
3 Eaten somthing before the sickness hits...yes mum I have taken the anti puke tablets...I have spare to cover the next 36 hours!

Good news received from the Dr Mottershed! He says my body can take this abuse for 6 more doses....every 3 months! so well into next year......come on have justgot out of hospital you work it out! He says I will have to go onto rebif or somthing! Steriods! think I remember hearing from Erik's blog! Right its over and done for 3 more months! I feel like I want to vom but I think I will be ok! Bring on the benifits to this sad time! Hope you all feeling better than me!

Oh yeah ....tune of the day is taken from the MTV unplugged album.
...Sherly Crow:Strong enough
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