Monday, March 19, 2007
Strange days!
Got a phones call from an old work buddy...If your a long time reader of my blog you will remember a mention of Michelle. Well she rang today to tell me how much my redundancy payment will be....It was great to speak to her again....I was happy to hear how much too. Well lets put it this way, my debt will receive a large portion paid off. I am never taking a credit card ever again!!!!! Never again!

I am happy with the pay off. I can now look for work....Hahahahahahahahah! OK I can now think about what I want to do with my life from now on. Education is screaming at me but....Can I be a student again? If so....In what? How long should I sit down and do... Well nothing while I decide? I know I have to learn guitar in the mean time.

I see this as a new start for me. I can do...Well...Anything I want to do! This is so strange to me. Almost alien. I need some time on this I think. And maybe a good hard drink!lol! A new start with a disabled body this time! Hmm I know what will brighten my mood before Jen gets here. Have some of this:

You cannot go wrong with Duke Ellington!
I guess I have some thinking to do without the blues!lol!
Hope you're all well.
Dave the unemployed
posted by personallog! @ 2:36 pm  
  • At 5:14 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    It is great to hear things are going so well for you! I have so missed talking to you. We will talk soon and catch up on everything soon! Love ya!


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