Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Time to get on!
***********Driftwood By Travis*********

Time for some autoplay music for those of us with vision issues. An oldie but goodie for me. I think I will be playing more rock in my warm up to getting a guitar, so prepair yourself!

Disturbed sleep last night. My hot water bottle was not there for a cuddle(thats Jen by the way).

No major things to report this morning. I have to go to the shop...If anything happens I will update later today. Enjoy the tune.

Hope you're all well.

***Got back from the shops*****
I have decided to go on a new music trek! Watch this space over the next few weeks. I have 15 new tracks I would like to play so thats about 2 weeks worth. Some new to me, some brand new. I hope you tune in if only for a listen.

Take care
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