Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Guess we need some new shoe's
Paolo Nutini - New Shoes (US Version)

The UK version is better!hehe!

I like music! Where ever it comes from. If it has...That feeling and it gets my foot tapping(no tremors OK!) I will listen. So lets see what I can pull up. No guitar yet. I can't wait to spend hours learning how to play it. I don't know what my finale goal is with owning one but its going to be fun trying to learn.

I know that my diary side of this blog is...Well, waining a bit but I have been busy. I have a new DVD player and three seasons of West Wing to catch up on. I now have 6 websites to update and I have to keep my life in Manchester for as long as I can. I do get pressure from my family to move closer to them.(yeah for my own good!) I see this as another ms defeat and not a loss of my individuality. This disease has already taken my legs and it has a fight on its hands now! Got to get my PMA back. Maybe learning guitar will help with that eh!

Oh and my PC screen has a lovley green tinge to the color and I think I need a new one. Anyone had a screen for years that can take a very hard use? Please feel free to tell me a make and model.

Hope you're all ok
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