Wednesday, September 17, 2008
What ya gonna do.
I got my first sign that I am getting old this week, as if typing with one hand isn't enough. I have had the "going grey" hair before but now I know. On the way down the stairs in the stair lift (I know!) I looked to left and to my right and I could see my grey locks flowing down either side. I might be a bit old for long hair, I might have a tired body which aches and groans and I might be putting on weight in the old man area's(yes I have an arse now!!) but nothing, no but NOTHING ON THIS DAM EARTH can prepair you for this. WHY GOD WHY??? IS IT NOT ENOUGH TO GIVE ME THIS DISEASE!

YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING!! I found my first grey...I find this hard to put into words.. Pubic hair! I am 32 and have a great life but my god SHE is now taking the Micheal.

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