Sunday, November 29, 2009
Second to last post ever...
Melancholy Dave? I think not...well maybe just a little.

My recent visit to my neuro was...well..not great. The words "the level of your disability" and "we can't measure any improvement" were used. So I guess having a wheelchair is not good if your rated by walking.

There is no more drugs the government will give me... Joy.

It looks like I HAVE done them all. No more jumping eh! No more jumping...
posted by personallog! @ 10:36 am  
  • At 12:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am sorry for the gloomy aspect that your Neuro sprung upon you! I hope you still post here. Can you post about your days? your family too? i would love to hear from you! I am hoping to visit england soon. there is lots of family there. i havent seen you post too much on facebook lately. i love facebook this is where my family and friends are and i can keep up with them all.
    I wish you well and keep your chin up no matter what the dam ms monster hit you with!
    your Friend,

  • At 2:48 am, Blogger Unknown said…

    Crappy news Dave. Sorry to hear that. You still seem the same person I met here 5 years ago! :) Physical changes or not! Any thoughts on CCSVI?

  • At 8:22 pm, Blogger Diane J Standiford said…

    The key is to change your perspective. A wheel chair ain't the worst thing. So much still you can do, you'll just do it differently that Sarah Palin. Is that such a bad thing? Besides, with just never know what lies around the corner, even the best doctors and scientists don't know!

  • At 8:40 pm, Blogger mouse said…

    Hey Big Guy,
    You have a FB account. That's where I hang out most of the time these days. Do some virtual farming eh. I hate to see that you have the blues and I hope you keep some kind of journal even if it's not the public venue type. I also hope that your word on this being the second to last post was for the year 2009 and not for all time. You just never know who may pop in to say 'Howdy'. Be well

  • At 12:54 pm, Anonymous Vapir No2 Vaporizer said…

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  • At 11:09 am, Anonymous Lucky Free Slots said…

    Chas & Dave Official My Melancholy at CD Universe. Come to me, my melancholy baby cuddle and do all your fears are blue foolish.

  • At 5:37 am, Anonymous Volcano Vaporizer said…

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  • At 1:21 pm, Anonymous stretch marks removal said…

    My recent visit to my neuro was...well..not great. The words "the level of your disability"

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