Wednesday, March 18, 2009
And now a return to normal service...
Its been a while since I blogged with regular service. To be honest I think I have missed it. Its a lot harder since my typing has gone down hill. I have a dog which loves gnawing at the wheels on my PC chair and licking my mouse hand during a wobble. Which doesn't help. I have had time to think, which is not always a bad thing. How many people read my rants on here with vigor(doesn't fall asleep!). Does it make any difference... I think the answer is 'No'. Who cares?

Did I start with the idea that I could speak with other like minded people in the same situations... Well yes. The 'thing' is... No one is in the exact same position as me. Life / disease progression. I am happy with my life. Yes it could be better(like have my own house and not worry about renting with a dog!) but I am happy.

I have a beautiful wife and a dog(man's best friend!). They look after me and keep me exercised. I am happy. Could do with more money like everyone else but I am happy. It's strange but true.

I will be back soon honest.

Stay well,
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
The death of music on my blog?
It has been announced on the news this morning that may loose a legal battle for the UK to view music through the website...

So I think that may be it....


Oh well. Not lost yet.

Just a few words from the lost master..

Rest in peace.
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