Friday, June 08, 2012
So how do I keep my interest?
I can keep telling you about my failing body that you probably go through the same things yourself. I've had a recent visit from my physiotherapist. This is interesting. This was the first time those two physiotherapists and my wife. Three were in concerned about the welfare of I smell. Three women. Interesting. If hours a teenage years and was sure I be a bit more excited about it. It appears I have to do mole physical work on my body to get myself back up and working. I know it's for my own good well-being but not too sure what a good do you know skip being given minimal exercise which is fun but then I'm going to wait instead to see the results. Stay well Dave
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Saturday, June 02, 2012
My wife has taken the reins
I have raised money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society by jumping out of a plane. Now my wife is raising money at her job. I'll keep you advised to help she raises but it's nice to have support. I am so proud. I wish I could do more than be happy wife to take the ranes. Keep well. Dave
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