Friday, June 08, 2012
So how do I keep my interest?
I can keep telling you about my failing body that you probably go through the same things yourself. I've had a recent visit from my physiotherapist. This is interesting. This was the first time those two physiotherapists and my wife. Three were in concerned about the welfare of I smell. Three women. Interesting. If hours a teenage years and was sure I be a bit more excited about it. It appears I have to do mole physical work on my body to get myself back up and working. I know it's for my own good well-being but not too sure what a good do you know skip being given minimal exercise which is fun but then I'm going to wait instead to see the results. Stay well Dave
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Saturday, June 02, 2012
My wife has taken the reins
I have raised money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society by jumping out of a plane. Now my wife is raising money at her job. I'll keep you advised to help she raises but it's nice to have support. I am so proud. I wish I could do more than be happy wife to take the ranes. Keep well. Dave
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Thursday, May 31, 2012
Sorry I don't want to get into the habit of not blogging at all. While I have seen the news recently with regards to the NHS and I'm not impressed. I wish doctors could get a good pension but that not being the only reason why the went into the profession. Maybe this should get paid more money anyway. Well I thought I'd put more down on a daily basis of what I bring with me. It's more a case of mental issues. Not depression I hope you realise. More, not be able to control my body like a use to. You will understand I'm sure. On a day-to-day basis by myself getting aggravated by television. I am sure it's not a normal thing to be aggravated by the telly. Maybe it's what I'm watching. I try to get as much BBC is I can. I found myself being forced to watch ITV. I don't think it's ITV I think is one-woman on the breakfast channel for ITV. She does irritate me. I think it's her control of English-language and her creation of new words. The latest word as she has created this 'fatism'. That's not a word. I don't care what you say I will be really unimpressed if this word is added to the English-language. She already has words are being added to the English dictionary. I don't think ITV should not have the ability to change scenes with language. I don't think this is a symptom of a ms and maybe just a case of me changing the channel. Does anyone else have irritability? Stay well Dave well done hippy you are the first one. Thanks for reading.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012
Return of the Jedi
I've found a new way to type without using my hands. I am using a program called Dragon. You talk, it types. There's a few things you need to know. I am married to a beautiful woman. There won't be many details on my blog from now on. I will try to keep you advised. Depending on this program of course. It's been awhile but we will get there. Stay well Dave. There is no way of keeping me down.
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Sunday, November 29, 2009
Second to last post ever...
Melancholy Dave? I think not...well maybe just a little.

My recent visit to my neuro was...well..not great. The words "the level of your disability" and "we can't measure any improvement" were used. So I guess having a wheelchair is not good if your rated by walking.

There is no more drugs the government will give me... Joy.

It looks like I HAVE done them all. No more jumping eh! No more jumping...
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Friday, August 28, 2009
long time no speak

Have you seen the legs on that woman! A compliment from a guy in a wheelchair honest.(remember kiss with a fist vid I put on here???. I told you didn't I)
I was going to put up 'The dark days are over' by Florence and the machine, but as you all know.... That's not quite right eh. Still no cure. It's a great track tho. Check it out.(My fave band at the mo)
Hope you are all well


***News flash...Dave no longer smokes! Nicotine replacement, Vaporizer but no smoke***
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Monday, June 08, 2009
A perfect match.... Apart from ms that is.
Jen and myself are really happy. A family. We have a dog which act's like she is our little girl so we can say family really.

Yes ms is still rampant in my body but it doesn't effect our life to much.... I hope it stays away for a time. I have never been happier and stress free. It might have something to do with this gap in treatment.

I have had a visit to my new neuro who has taken me off Tysabri with earnest and requested I have a MRI to see where the situation lies. There has been no mention of future treatment as yet, so don't ask. He did say that I shouldn't have been on it as I am high risk of developing PML. The whole 'smurf blood' history does not play well with Tysabri they have found... Some deaths type situ.

Well this is just a short note to say hi and to tell you all that we are fine. Happy and married... Just over 6 months.... Yey. I am not leaving this woman if I can help it. I love her so much and it's still getting better each day.

I found my claim to fame.... I knew someone who went on Big brother 7.... And that is it.

Stay well,
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