Sunday, June 19, 2005
Summer storms!
I am in the thirds floor flat...the top of the building. Its so hot here its unbelievable....then it happened............Thunder and lighting!!! Rain is beating down on the windows. Flashing in the skies is affecting my eyes with random eye twiching! All I can think of is the past and have I enjoyed it while I was here!

Good times....Yes
bad times......Yes
Did I sleep with as many people as I wanted too......No!
Would I be able to go into a relationship again without putting ms on someone new......No!

So that means I will have to be truthful to the next woman, if she bolts then its tuff! That sucks! Should I have spent more energy into the last one......dont go there! I cant really ask Sinead for a feedback form for how did I do!
I need to here some peoples views on this before I start logging on to relationship sites which means i have to get body parts out or something! (personal emails will be excepted and will recieve one back.... vix! lol)
What is the next step, I mean come on, with someone with ms it could be in any direction!

Maybe I need to get a list up and running or somthing! the wants of a single bloke with ms! Maybe later in the month! To hot and sweaty need a bath again for the 3 time today!....still missing her like mad....need to spend time with other people....not in the same state as me now! In my pants is so impolite!

any idea's people!
posted by personallog! @ 3:15 pm  
  • At 2:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi Dave hope you are feeling better, just been onto mrsc to buy 2 wristbands, I had wanted to get them for ages but didn't know the right link, cheers. sis

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