Sunday, July 10, 2005
01:00 AM...Sick as chips!
Not getting much sleep at the mo and I think there is somthing coming which wont be pleasant! My flat is a prison without any outside exercise yard! I know I wont be going to work in the morning, I will get 6 hours sleep and do nothing tomorrow that will amount to anything! How is a young man with this condition supposed to have sexual conquest! Vix is right...we are all sexual beings! Where is our bit! You cant do the single life thing if you cant leave the house without aid! Yes improve your mental well being but it gets to a level when you are just hitting your head against a brick wall! There is someone out there for all of us.....what happens if I had it and now its gone! Who would want a knackered man anyway! I know she didn't!
Right thats it!
Going to set myself a task! Meet someone without getting out the house.....any suggestions?....anyone? Will any young woman look at me without seeing the illness?

I saw a program on tele, it was a Paul Mckenna know the guy...He was trying to help a woman get over a man.. he said you have to do 4 things!
1st think of a thing per year that was bad for the I need 5! Think of each bad moment and picture you ex partners face! You have a really bad time doing this as you have to feel really bad feeling before the next bit,take your time over this!
Then all you need to do is think of the best time you had and hold it in your mind! hold it very close to your heart....Now thats created the memory you will remember when her/his name is mentioned...or when you feel down just rember that good thought!...I will let you know if it works for me!(stone henge and the beach!)

This is a difficult one for me! I think I might have got it wrong! Can someone help me with this?

I dont need a flat mate in manchester! I need my sanity and to get back to work any work. Dont need.........this sh*t anymore!

I am 29 going on 80! I need sleep and the love of a GOOD woman!(webcam available!)

I am going to bed to look at the celing for a bit....hope it rains will match the mood and may cool the air down a bit!

Feel well everyone!
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  • At 5:54 am, Blogger localhost said…

    paul kckenna was going on about neurolinguistic programming - basically programming the human mind witha set of proven techniques. all he is trying to do is retrain your mind so that whenever you think about a bad time in your life, you are being supplied with good memories. have a look at

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