Thursday, July 07, 2005
terrorist attack on london
news this morning is coming through about terrorist attack on london. Its a long way of from where I live,manchester was hit by the IRA a few years ago. At this time I dont have much info. 20 people suspected dead many injuries. My 1st reaction was to get in contact with Sinead......

She is ok replyed to my text saying is not in london. Still makes you think about people you care about!

BBC reports 7 sites arround london have been hit with explosions. On the same day that the G8 summit in glen eagles started. Tony Blair has come away from the G8 meeting to find out more about whats happening but has said it will go on without him till he can return. If there is more more happening I will add to this update through posting comments. Lets hope there is no more. work today as legs still knacked, will go into work tomorrow!
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  • At 1:44 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Crud ... keep safe though, mkay?

  • At 3:07 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    just checked news...more than 33 dead...they are advising people not to travel through london today!

  • At 4:07 pm, Blogger Becca said…

    So relieved to hear that you're OK. What a nightmare. My thoughts are with you and your fellow Brits...

  • At 7:08 pm, Blogger Kim said…

    Hey Dave - I'm flying in to London overnight from Canada to vacation. Glad to hear all is well with you and your not close to where all the chaos is. We're still deciding on whether we'll go to London :(

  • At 10:05 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    body count 53 dead

  • At 4:02 am, Blogger Angel Singer said…

    Glad you are thoughts and prayers are with the people of the U.K....

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