Friday, July 08, 2005
woke up at 14:00 today!!!
Didnt sleep at all last night untill 05:15 ish and woke at 14:00. What happend there! got knows! ring into work after I had sorted my head out(16:00) to advise wont be in today!

Found new humor: not slapstick just give a disabled guy a hoover and ask him to do the stairs! (lh you know the hoover!!!) This hoover has a mind of its own! The pipe is split in to 5 bits....which turns to ten bits once you start the thing up! You just get it started and the bottom of the pipe drops off. you put that bit back on and it disconnects from the hoover. after 20 mins I had done 1 section of my house! then the cable ran out! changed the plug into another room then after 10 mins of the pipe dance again it need the bag changing cause it smelt funny. Changed bag. Started pipe dance angain and started on the stairs! Ended up throwing the hoover accross the room into the bed room! And thats where its going to live!!!!!!!!!
My god...fell into bath and laughed my ass off for ten minutes! All that for having friends coming round this pm! They can do it next time!

Legs still hurting....even more now after the hoover d'barcle!

Keep Smiling
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