Monday, July 04, 2005
Don't know where to start this morning... Its been a while for me! What a great weekend...Again! For the second time in two weeks I awoke in a strange woman's house, I could tell it was a woman's house by the smell. Woke up not remebering the last nights activity. I had a metal block which is still worrying me. I know being self inflicted means no sympathy but...You know! I had met up with some old friends and they looked after me....including 2 toilet visits...hmmm. They have told me that I had a good time and wasnt to embarising. It felt felt really good to be human again. This being the second weekend in a row I think...I have my weekends back! Maybe thats a bad thing for anyone that knows me but I am going to have fun whenever I can!

Right now for the title of this one! Mixed feelings about showing my opinion about this...yeah its a great idea to stop the povety in the world. To stop the...person dieing every three seconds would be great( Cutting third world debt and bringing down the corupt leaders yeah also, it felt like this could be a good step towards world peace. I think Sir Bob has got it right! This is a big thing for me! Would love to see this happen in my life! Share the medicine!

oh yeah still of work....bad pain in right leg has moved to left aswell. Right arm throbs and I find it hard to type but getting on with stuff! I have thought alot about retiring recently..yeah think I am going to do it! Good point this week is Vix has sent me a personal message...see her blog for my dad would say..."great rack!"

Keep well everyone and live well!
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