Wednesday, July 20, 2005
I think I attract it!
Dont worry I havent got another....But I wouldnt say no! I got talking to a goth at work today about meeting up with Jen and I was asking what is the best plan...Just in case I need it future! Well she said "What type of goth is she?"...there is a type! Apprently it works on the type to goth music she is listening too....there is a type? I think I am going to have to look into this!...just in case I meet up with another.(its the make up I swear!) So its down to study about goth music and what to wear....and the male makeup....err no! I am still in touch with Jen so maybe she can help! Maybe! I used to be a heavy metal freak(mosher I suppose!) So the music shouldnt be too much different...should it?

My friend at work is called Caz (Caroline!) and she is the same with her makeup! She has advised wear black(done!),purple(err ok maybe!) and wear frilly shirts(err no!) and the makeup is optional!(thank god!) You realise this is not to try and make a play for Jen! She is a close friend now and dont want to mess that up! me mess this one up! Caz asked me to make a copy of the music Jen sent me and she will tell and report back! She also gave me a web address to check out!(your not getting it!) The finale thing to check....just to see if I like the Crow! (I have bought the movie and will report back once watched!
Please fleel free to tell me what you think!

Oh right ms...I have been to work today and they have put me on a plan! Half days for another week and then try to increase time...over the following 3 weeks! I want to do this and get back to my life asap! Its phone work but I want to earn my money for my house for my life!

Tunes for today...U2:When Love comes to town!(rattle and hum!) Name the origonal!
The walk to the tram stop is hard....but I am not giving up my job! Hand washing my shirts is a bitch tho!
Take care of each other and keep smiling!
P.S Check your Goth name:
Mine is: Violent Sex Addict.....Hmmm...
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  • At 1:54 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Hmmm, sounds like too much work for me ... give it your best shot man.

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