Saturday, July 16, 2005
owww! Hang over city!
after reading last nights posting.... It bought back some memories.....Yes she has a he doesnt know that we were out last night......will I do it again?

Yes your damb right I will!She wants to be my mate....I am! Her boyfriends name is!

Learn and move on!
Stayed up drinking and talking to her on msn! Bed by 07:00 up again at 10! The thing is I really had a good was great(War of the worlds!) I didnt eat all day! had a liquid lunch and tea! and I met a great woman! (bit slutty but,thats how I like you!)...but isnt this whole thing of going out to meet new people?

will I see her again....yeah i think so, dont think in the same light tho!

so who's next?

very slutty
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