Friday, July 15, 2005
manchester weather sucks!
Over cloudy! Have to change last update! Clothing..

Black jeans
Same t-shirt
Going for blue Shirt long sleave....have to iron!
Black Trainers

Still waiting for delivery from grocery shop! Not as nevouse as yesturday, I know where and what we are doing...cinema at luch time! Go for lunch, have a drink, both of which I can do! Then who knows!

What are my intentions.....honerable. I want to make a friend! Thats it! Be honest, enjoy the movie then come home and crash after having a drink with a beutifull younger woman! Is it that easy? err yeah! The hardest part of the day is the worry if she will turn up or not! Am I ready? No!

I will give you guys an update after the event, or maybe not! Depends on where it goes!!!!

Have a good day people...I am going to!


Oh forgot to mention music:
Hundred Reasons:If I could! (to wake you!)rock!
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