Wednesday, August 17, 2005
doom is allways rife!
Half day! Absolute....poo! Managed to pick a memory card for the camera! Guess what, It doesnt work!!!!!!!!!! Gave the company a call ready to kick off....then I thought I have just been taking the wrap at work why should I pass it on! Whole Karma thing made me stop! Well karma and the crap hold music! They are going to give me a new one on friday...through the post!

I have calmed down and started to listen to MY tunes!
John B:Blue eye shadow (Bass line of the gods!)

Just got a text from Jen and she is running out of credit so only getting 6 more before the money runs out! I offered to get her some more but she hasnt got back to me! I think I have to speak to her some more! I was up late last night playing chess over the internet with Emma! Top bird!

Its so warm today, I think thats what has caused me to come home in a foul mood! If i spend one more day in the buff I think I will become nudist! Oh and dont webcam chat with me on a hot day! Not as pretty when I am a sweaty mess! Going to "chill" in frount of the telly for a couple of hours!

Had a wierd dream last night....I had a dream about Sinead again! Hope she is ok!
Just a sub line to todays update: I have started to read the book I watched the exercises....I was smoking and drinking beer at the time....all I could think was "No Wounder Dave!" With my experence of diets I all ways look for roast lamb recipe...and to my surprize it sounds great....If I cant eat the lamb one I usually stop there! I think I will start it after I have finished all the beer in the house... next week if i dont buy more hehe! I let you know the effects as soon as I feel them!

Music today is deffinatly a Drum and bass day for me! Angry!

Hope your day is better
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