Sunday, August 14, 2005
Sunday moring wake up call!
A wake up call from God! Well people going to church anyway! Woke up at 09:00 with noise of people in next flat getting ready! Only one remedy for this:

Kosheen:Catch (Drum and base masters!)

Got my washing in the sink and ready to be spinned dry....yes I need a new flat and washing machine! need to get this done by lunch time as the boys are coming back today. They will be popping in on the way back to thier houses! I know it will be a drinking and smoking pot day for me! More Kosheen! Got to get the sleep thing sorted again just so I can get to work as a regular thing! Just need to fund all the social events coming up! Its a drag being in demand!lol!

Had a wierd dream last night: In a night club and had my stick with me, people dancing, drum beat hard(hard house I think) and I was hiding from.....Sinead! Not much else just a good feeling of night life! I told you it was weird! The only reason I mention this is that my dreams recently have an uncanny knack or coming true! Or at least they predict whats going to happen!
Messed up! I think it must be a smoking to much or somthing! Freaky stuff finished....sorry! If you have had this let me know please because it worring me!

Hope your all ok
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