Friday, August 12, 2005
Michell bought me a drink whoo!
Hello all, Another tip!

Be yourself and dont lie to you! Anyone who lies to you...get rid! I was bought a bottle of rioja today by the beutifull Michelle....she looked at me in a bad bad mood! I went outside for a ciggy and was talking about a buying beer on the way home and how much trouble it will be to carry a crate home! Told someone else that wine would be light wieght and easy to carry, I mentioned rioja once! Later in the day.......she turns up with a bottle for me! I offered money but she said "no its yours!" So I am going to drink it with a smile!

When I was coming home...spoke to a young lady that I trained to the job we do! Got complements from her and talked all the way home....not telling anything about her! Just that she is LLLLOOOOVVVLLLLEEEEY! Well I have 24 to watch this weekend and I Have a eye appointment on saturday! Staying in MY own flat for most of the weekend....why....coz its mine!

Tune for the day: Cheech:Rocksteady (Dance Great bass sample and deffo makes me want to go clubbing soon and shake my ass!Having it large!)

Have a good weekend and stay confident...remeber PMA!
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