Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Sick day amondo!
Think I am paying for last weekend, Sleep pattern disrupted....as if it wasnt allready!
I have a hunger to feed and I dont think its going away soon. Good thing that came out of the weekend tho. I now have tickets to see Paul Weller and Joss stone!

Rock! Should be two great gigs! Looking forward to them! But have to concentrate on getting back to work! I need to be back so I can pay for these things! Will have to sort out a good stick for them! I think I will ask Jen to help me choose...not to goth babe! No skulls on the top!

Jen is coming to stay soon! 4 Days and counting! Cant wait!(goth name for Jen is angelic scars! just found out from msn!)Reporting in even when sick!

Hope your all ok!
posted by personallog! @ 8:59 am  
  • At 1:20 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Keep off the juice till she get's there man. Don't want to be all bunged up when she does arrive.

  • At 1:49 pm, Blogger mouse said…

    You are already darn good looking so I don't know what improvements Jen can make! Love Joss Stone but I'm not familiar with Paul Weller (well perhaps I am but I just can't remember:) When you have too much to drink you should down lots of water before you crash for the night. This usually prevents the hangover. Warning, it is also the last thing you want to drink when you are inebriated. But you can pay now or really pay(n) later!

  • At 2:08 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    cheers mouse and mdmhvonpa! good advise....and mouse....how you doing!(sorry friends!)

  • At 1:17 am, Blogger mouse said…

    Dave I'm doing okay. Thanks for asking. I was just diagnosed by my neuro at the start of this year, although the MRI saw it earlier. Seems that my age implied so many other things could be wrong. I get aches and pains but I amble okay. I believe that I've had it since my 20's which means 30 years or so. I think my penchant for hiking, bike riding, eating currys and fish have really slowed it down. Now that I'm slowing down it's picking up speed. But I'm no doctor so I really know didly squat. I just want you youngsters to know all the things I've done (my blog) so maybe you can slow it down too. Be happy, be cool Big Guy.

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