Thursday, August 18, 2005
What was today about?

I have been to see a doctor today! I have seen the occupational health doctor for returning to work! I thought this would a great oppertunity to show that I am human! It was so funny! I went in and stumbled into the waiting introduced himself and I looked pitifull! Then he asked me whats wrong! So I told him about every aspect of the damed disease....then I smiled!
I told him about the blog and what I have acomplished since my break up with Sinead! I told him about changing my diet beause a doctor in the states wants me to review his book/diet/exersise program! Then I bought on the confidence thing and getting the nero to change his diagnosis! I told him about my plans to learn about websight design and create a website for ms survivors! Then before I left I said "I want to compleatly change the diaognosis to...I have a bit of a cold! I need my job to support me further till I shake this!" The doc nealy died laughing!

I got the idea for website design from Camile(who I spoke to for about an hour through Aol messenger! I made her laugh...she made me laugh a lot. I felt it did us both good to be talking to each other! Watch this space when I have the website design! I want to! Ideas will be excepted! What do we need? When do we want it....what colour it should be! Where should I look for funding! Lets do somthing amazing! Lets do it now! I am hype up about this! Do let them tell you its time for death! Let us make the desistion! Dont lie down and take it! Lie down when 'you' want to! Fight for your right to be!

Saying that I had a half day at work.....coz it hurt and it was my choice to come home!
Not giving up on this! Give me idea and lets see what we can do!


Todays music!Lots of crazy dance!
And have you herd of Blind melon? Rock!!!
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