Monday, September 05, 2005
to many things happening at once slow the f*ck down!
Hi Amanda nice to see you! Welcome!

Happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you...happpppyyyyy birthdsy dear Almodiva happy birthday to you! xxxxxx

right thats 2 things done!

The 3rd ofcourse Is New Orleans! My God I hope the numbers dont go any further up! Its thing like this which make you think of the bigger picture! My thought are with you guys!

Explanation to the title! Was really sick over the weekend! My friend and good buddy Lee came to get me again(We only seem to meet up when the flit hits the shan!) He dropped me off at my mum and dads(both on holiday!) So I have been looking after dogs with my little bro! Not an oppertunity to drink by any means and going to work is a major no no! Still feeling groggy! Every time I think I have the sickness grabbed it hits me again! Its not really hard! I have have been worse before, but I need some "gather my Karma" time. I was expecting some good post this week too! I have had ten minutes in the garden relaxing but its not quite right! Need a hug! (ahhh!) I just need to chill out and relax or next weekend will have had it too!

Good thing to happen so far: I have had a good look through my dads collection of music and found:

Afro Celt....errr wow!
and Elephat Talk.....My god! He has a great collection too and I can see where I got my good tastes from!(Maybe he should help with the women side....err no!)

Hope you are all,new and old, are doing well!
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  • At 7:10 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    DAve thanks for the warm welcome!!! and also thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope that you start to feel a lil better. Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to!!!

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