Tuesday, August 30, 2005
25000,000 we need to start talking bout this!
2 and 1/2 million people globally with ms!

Its rising every day! Great thought for the down side of my quarter! going to hospital in the morning and my legs are burning 1 minute then freezing the next! As you may amagine I am not going to work today! We should be talking about this.....shouldnt we?

Good weekend aside! I am not happy with not getting to work! I have so much to prove! I will go out today! Going to the docs to get pain killers!

Right good points now then:

Good music for the day:
Nitin Sawheney: The Conference
Nizlopi: Half these songs are about you
Timo Maas:Numb (My tune for the Month!!!)"the pain is mild todayyyy, I would do anything to numb youuuu!" "the pain will not kill you" what a tune!
Somthing dirty(vix will love this!) Have signed up on adult friend finder.com there are some sexaul depressed people who feel the need to crack one off to there webcam! I am a man and will watch!lol Keep it coming girls!

At least it made you smile!

Have a good day!
posted by personallog! @ 8:06 am  
  • At 5:02 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    I think that the contributing factor of the count going up is that we can accurately diagnose it now.

    Sorry 'bout your legs. Hope your symptoms start to calm down soon so you can get back to work on a more regular basis.

  • At 3:10 am, Blogger Vix said…

    I tried AFF and hated it! Am meeting people through a Swinging site, now - brill!

    Just coz we're spazzes does not mean we don't fcuk!!

  • At 11:53 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    your right there babe! We do need attention too! I will be signing on your swingers/webcam soon!

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