Friday, November 25, 2005
Emotional flip flop
I think it must be a music thing! I have found the only way to turn the down side up is to go back to some great tunes! I was in a really bad place yesturday and it wasnt untill I sifted through 27 different tunes that I got back to Dresden Dolls that I picked up my sorry ass and felt like wrighting this! I am back in a good place now. I have things to look forward too! I have good days to come!

Sorry if it is repeating music but I think its worth it! Bring on the jump, bring on the weekend, bring on the next Jen visit!!!!!!!
Its hard but I can do this!....cant I?
***What does a man with two left feet wear on his holidays? He has a pair of flip flips!****(I didnt say I was going to be any good Hehe!)
Hope your all ok

Holiday Quotes:
13.Here is my Clout
14. A Gental day filled with ROCK!
15. Dyslexia is a sign of a diseased yohoff!
16. I like my beer like I like my women...Lumpy!!
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