Thursday, November 24, 2005
This is a low!
Vid changed from blur to this! Requests will be found and played! cheers dad you have bought me out of a slump!

Would anyone miss me if I wasnt here? Dont answer that! I know there is people all over the world who would but after the hospital visit yesterday and meeting new people with the disease I am starting to think of what the next step for me will be! I know I cant stop it, I know I can make it easier for others if I keep myself away...but this sucks! I didnt think today was going to be a liveley update! I feel like sh*t! I dont even have the energy to be angry at this! Tomorrow will be different......honest!
Enjoy the music!
posted by personallog! @ 12:45 pm  
  • At 3:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dave, i would definatly miss you and your charm,wit and fun ness that you bring to your blog. i hope you feel better, i know how you feel in regards to seeing others some worse some not. i will always be here for you! your friend
    (mate) camille

  • At 4:38 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    chin up dave...chin up

    ha!!!! word verification was ......quimca


  • At 6:10 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Hey now you have been on my as* to get in a more positive mood. So now it is my turn to get on yours. Today is a good day here it it Thanksgiving day..

    A day that I am supposed to be thankful for what I do have and not for what I don't!!!Not for what might and most likely will be in my future..

    So please try to do the same!! I know it's easier said than done specially after the smurf blood and the nastiness u can feel. good luck on feelin better

  • At 6:21 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    I do have my 'chin up' I will feel better in the future and I am thankfull that I am still here! Its cool having good friends like you and I will drop by your blogs soon! smile for me today and keep yourselves good! Dont worry about me! its only a couple of days honest! I am a hard northern bloke it will take more than the toxic smurf blood to keep me down! smile for me today! I dont feel like it yet!

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