Tuesday, November 22, 2005
You have to be able to laugh at yourself!
I think I have found my cure for everything!...

I have read over my diary as you should do every time you think lifes is getting abit too much, abit to stressfull and a bit too...well much! The ability to laugh at 'ones' self is the healer of all embarisment! I will get to you all later!

I have been washing my smalls by hand(and thats not the punchline!haha) and I walked away from the sink with wet hands...I stunbled and put my hands out to stop my self falling. Grabbed the side and started to fall! Hand slides across the side and I moved my legs to correct my blance..I stepped in a bucket then stepped in the bowl with my clean pants in..with the other foot! Bowls moved...I did the splits and fell over! I collapsed in a heep on the kitchen floor and laughed my ass off! Slap stick rules the world When you have to pick up some boxer shorts out of the bread bin you have to laugh or cry! I laughed! I think next time I will just turn the heat up in the flat and get in a hot bath with all my clothes and enjoy the spaz attack and get all my clothes clean!lol

I think the next step for me has to be wrighting comedy before I loose this laughter! I have got a visitor tomorrow on the build up to smurf in the hospital! Maybe she will be able to laugh at me too! I will choose music in the morning! Maybe Jen will like my laundry on toast for brunch!

Smile or be smiled apon is the next step!
My favorite holiday Quotes:
8. Fangle
9.Can I tickle your finger!!
10.Im a Nukemonium (explanation will be needed! Well we got Em drunk and she doesnt drink! She was trying to say "I am a mancunian!"lol I love you both..but not in a gay way!hehe!)

Music has to be some more Dresden Dolls!

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  • At 9:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    My bests friends dad has MS and i've told him about your blog. He told him to pass on these links for you....regarding working from home:


    I havent looked at the so apologies if there totally useless!!!

  • At 4:23 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    You know the score if you dont leave you name I wont even check them! I checked and I think its a scam! Prove me wrong!


    P.s cash4homework.com looks promising but the website needs some html work on it as it looks corrupt!

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