Saturday, August 12, 2006
What is my life supposed to be like.....

And do I have control over it? Did I have control over it before diagnosis? Maybe that's the issue. I felt like life was running away from me before. I let someone control me in every aspect...I regained control over a few things then hit by ms. Now I cant control anything. Physically I can do something, on some days and not on other days. But there is one thing I can control and that's my love of music. I get weighed down by the fact that one day.....I am not going to be able to do anything....That scares me. One day just wake up and not be able to do anything apart from breathing.....That say's only one thing to me. Enjoy every aspect of your life now! I mean every f'ing thing!

Yes I am angry I have this disease but there is nothing I can do about it! So my plan is to have the best time getting off my pickle and loving every minute of this from now on! This past week has been testing that's for sure....But I am still here!

Be angry but be glad your here,
Be depressed but be glad your here,
Be anything but be the best you can be at it....While your here!

Just rember:
ms is not a fatal condition

And your life is not pre-determined, your life is not supose to be like anyone elses! Its yours! Live with it!
Hope your all well!
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