Friday, August 04, 2006
Copaxone reaction site reaction is only 13% possible....
I know it happens but there is only 13% possibility that it will. Click here and have a read Steph!

You asked so I will find! I know I have only had one reaction where I get a lump but found thats it gone within a day or two! Just rub the area for 2 minutes and then leave it alone. Its not the same for everyone so make sure you talk to your doctor about what is the right treatment for you! I have seen that you can get the pill form if you push for it. But I want to test the drug that I am recieving as the doctors have been giving us a placebo in 6% of people who recieve the drug! Anyone know how to test it before I buy a chemistry set!
If they are going to test us shouldnt we know???

Anyway....I am going to look into the acivist side of things and get back to you but I refuse to put anyone else in danger(and jumping out of a plane is too much danger for me!) but the music thing.....I am going to give it a try!(Click here for info on what I think an activist is!)

Hope you are all well!
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  • At 2:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ah Dave, you have no idea how much your site helps me. Thanks for the links and sharing some of your own experience with copaxone. You just plain rock. If I ever make to the UK I am buying you a beer (to say the least).


  • At 2:15 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Oh no another woman knows the route to my heart!!!!!lol! It would be a pleasure to crack a beer or too with ya!


  • At 6:12 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Great example of what the meaning of an activist is! I think he hit it right on the nose...thanks for sharing. As far as the Copaxone is concerned, I am not sure if there is a way to determine if you are in that 6% unless they tell you. I think what is probably most important is not to think about if you are one of those 6% but focus on if it is working for you...and then go from there.

    Steph~ (leaving a message here for now seeing how she does not have a blog, lol)

    I personally had site reactions for a long time when I was on Copaxone, but I also have sensitive skin (which makes you more prone according to the people at Shared Solutions). They were really not a big deal and only lasted a day or so...for me they were mainly like hives or a very large mosquito bite. I found that if I used ice before the injection and got my leg (or wherever) real cold and numb that also helped. Just a thought! I hope that helps.

    If it were me, I personally would not worry too much about the site reactions, the risk is low and even if you do happen to get them they are not too bad. As long as this medication works for you and you can manage to live your live with this illness...that is what is important.

    Take care both of you.


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