Monday, March 26, 2007
I love the way music can shock you!
Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas

That is amazing!

I don't think my guitar is tuned correctly!lol! I have ordered a tuning....Thing! You plug the guitar into it and then into your amp...It's all tecky and! I will never get as good as Tommy but it's the taking part that counts eh. My fingers are coming back so I am going to jump in as soon as I get it tuned. Holding a pick/plectrum is still rather tricky. There must be something else I can do.I will investigate and get back to you!

Today's funny!
Catherine Tate - Lauren: "Are you calling my mum poor?!"

Are you calling me a Pikey? If you really want something to laugh at try the Ouch podcast 13! Really great episode
Stay well
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