Friday, May 25, 2007
Any amount of stress knocks me back!
I got up this morning. Had a shower with my regular Elivis knee and painful wiggle. I got dressed after drying myself and I felt pretty good about the forthcoming day. I even felt I could leave the house after a couple of coffee's! I collected the post and opened over a cup a turned on the TV. 1st bit of mail knocked me for 6.
Benefit fraud Investigations
David Wright
Fraud investigation manager
Dear Mr *****(insert my name!)

We have reason to conduct an investigation into your previous claim for housing/council tax benefit. I would like to interview you with connection with this matter.


The letter goes onto give a time and date for this interview and then states the interview will conducted under caution as the have reason to believe that a false statement *may* have been made and/or you have failed to inform the authority of a relevant change in your circumstances.

You should understand that the purpose of the interview is to give you the opportunity to put forward any explanation what has apparently happened.

As letter goes on is says "you may want to seek legal advice" I nearly died right there! As soon as I read that the interview will be recorded I rang them. My legs stopped working and pain riffled through my body at this point. I spoke with the guy who sent me the letter. I told him I had ms, I told him I am in a wheelchair and he said the letter was produced by a system he uses. An auto seek and destroy application that looks for errors in information. Missing information that validates the claim. HE DIDN'T KNOW I HAVE MS OR WAS IN A WHEELCHAIR!!!!

I could have killed sonically but didn't say a word as I am polite. I didn't swear I just let the feeling bubble inside me. I did ask how I can make sure this doesn't happen again and "what do you need from me?" and he said he will send the relevant forms with a request for information from my GP. The investigation has been cancled...I haven't left the house even though I had plans to do so. I am also trying to keep calm. Any amount of stress just knocks me and I turn into mush. Now to get back to feeling good again. I have one day before I go out!

Stay well and stress free
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  • At 11:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh Dave! I can't even imagine the amount of stress that must have induced in you getting that damn letter! Thats HORRIBLE!!! Good on you for clearing it up with him. Let's hope that the last of that kind of crap.

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