Wednesday, May 09, 2007
And the week starts a new!
After a great weekend and feeling greatly happy I started reading research on the Internet. Maybe my searches are heavily influenced by my state of mind but I found this:

Eyes of the mind


Strange but I could see the the possibilities with it. It leaves me with many questions. Many possibilities. Many "What if's"!

Did I really have that bad a time with my ex?
Was she really the cause of my depression?
Is ms just a depression?
Is it really a hyper depression that is doing this to my body?
Am I so intelligent that I can harm myself with negative thought?
Is the power of the mind that strong?

I remember the quote
"Man only knows one 5th of 1% of anything"
and it seems strange to admit but I am starting to think that PMA may have another fighting chance. Intelligent enough to harm myself, to hurt myself with my mind???

If thats the case... I have to start looking into this again. Right from the begining. I have to. I want to have a life with Jen and I would hate to think that I would miss out because of something my ex did to me to make me depressed.

Presumption or assumption, confusion and suppression runs amuck.

Could it be the case? I need time to process this. I am right in two!!

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  • At 4:43 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Depression can be a big part of MS, but is MS a form of depression? NO. There are many people, myself included, with MS who do not deal with depression. There is a lot to say about having a positive mental attitude, being optomistic. I always have been, and choose to live my life that way. Nothing in life is perfect, but life is short, why be unhappy?!

    Now that I have said that, sometimes there is a real chemical imbalance that goes on in the brain and depression kicks in because of it. For that reason, it is important that if you are dealing with depression (I don't mean you, Dave, just anyone in general) to go to a doctor, maybe get some meds or counseling. That way you can get the help needed to be happy and live your life the best you can. :)

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