Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Lower Limb Paralysis
Did not go out Saturday. LLP was fun though. I now have carpet burns,scars and a bad back! FUN! Got to spend some quality time with Jen instead. I would have loved to take her out... But I guess it will have to be next time. Paralysis sucks. It seemed to be only for a few hours but that was enough to scare the hell out of me. Jen dealt with it really well. 300% better than my ex anyway. She was loving and understanding. I can't imagine what it must have been like for her see'ing me crawl across the ruff concrete outside my house as she couldn't pick me up. Dragging my legs behind me. I guess it scared me more eh!

I had a bad back a couple days before so maybe thats a sign to look out for in future for me. I was looking forward to it too! I am not sure when Seb Fontaine will come back to Manchester again. I realy hope I get to see him one day.

Oh well.

Stay well
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  • At 5:23 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    "Paralysis sucks."

    EGADS! There's a quote for all times.

  • At 1:35 pm, Blogger Herrad said…

    hello dave,
    just found your blog, I too want to talk to as many people with ms as possible.

    I heard july 06 that I have ms since nov 06 in a wheelchair up to end of march could still stand up but since april not.heres a link to my blog;

    look forward to hearing from you.
    take care.

  • At 11:36 pm, Blogger Herrad said…


    Just popped by to see how you are doing.

    Hope better.
    Keep warm and happy.
    my partner/carers blog is

  • At 12:29 am, Blogger Herrad said…

    Hi Dave

    How are you hope doing well?
    Take care.

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