Friday, June 01, 2007
What can you do with relapse??
Ok ok! You can drop the shouts of "Shove it!" the short answer is nothing but think. Most of my thoughts are generally dark and full of melancholy when in the relapse phase. But this time I have been lucky enough to receive some music through the post. Its not the usual rock music either. Its the latest edition of works by

The Cinematic Orchestra : Ma Fleur

Its the most beautiful album I have ever heard. Don't just take my word for it. here is a few quotes from the album cover.

"Soul power at its deepest and profound. Capable of real wonder" Mojo

"An immensely moving, utterly distinct night time world which is a pleasure to inhabit" Guardian

"A truly spectacular album...You'd be very fortunate to hear another record this incredible this year" Word

"Achieves a rare kind of poise, hovering between jazz, soul and orchestral soundtrack. They have never sounded so convincing than on this."

Observer Music Monthly 4/5 - A Top 10 Album
"Something Special."

Blues and Soul
"The Cinematic Orchestra move closer towards a plain occupied by no other. Honest and pure. Jason Swinscoe's compositions stun with their originality."

I am a fan of there works. I own all of there albums but non have made my soul move this way. Maybe its a relapse thing to have all my emotions this heightened and elated but this is some of the greatest. 10/10 from me!!

This relapse has given me some time to think and this time its not so dark. That's what you can do with a relapse.

Stay well
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