Saturday, May 17, 2008
I am so happy to be away from Manchester!
No stress or trauma. I am eating healthy and am I....No, WE are getting MARRIED!!!!! I can't wait to put the ring on finger and show eveyone how much we mean to each other.

There is one thing tho.

Just one.

She has this as a ringtone for when I call...
Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush

The strangething is......I am starting to like it alot. What happened to the Rock god that is Dave eh? It must be love!

Right the title... I love Manchester. I just had a bad patch while I was there(diagnose for 1). As everywhere does, there was a few people there who I didn't like. This city had too many dislikes on the people frount. The city is amazing I fell in love there so it is great honest. I met friends there, real friends who I wouldn't have met anywhere else and I will stay in touch with. Then there is the people who bring the place down and not in a good way. They are the people who should stay out of my life. I hope it stays that way. The strange thing there......I wish them all the best. Get on with your life and stay out of mine!(that is for 1 person in perticular and she knows who she is!)

Stay well,
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Thursday, May 08, 2008
An Apology...
I need to make an apology to someone I have recently upset. I wrote something in my blog about them and shouldnt have done. They know who they are so here it is...
Im truly sorry to have upset you...
I hope this makes amends as I wouldnt want any ill feeling between us.
Stay well,
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
The summer is here.... Run to the hills!!!!!
The heat is knocking at our door according to the weather report....Oh joy. I wondered why my body was in pain. Its not just that, I think its effecting my memory too. I have lost my mobile. It will be in the house. I haven't been out for some time now. About 2-3 weeks, I don't remember. I have tried calling the phone from the landline but the the batties have run out on my mobile. We will not be moving in three weeks if I can't find it. I need a number from it.... dam sun!(and its still counted spring dave!)

Some good things have happened over the last week with regards to the wedding. We have a dj, music for the during and after(some classical some rock and about 5 different levels of music). We have a meeting with a photographer tonight. We have a place to hold 150 people and feed them. Jen is making the invites and dealing with everything else.(god send! Love you babe) She even suggested that that we don't have a gift list and we should give the option for guests to make a donation to the ms society instead!!!!(she made webpage and everything!) I was looking forward to pressies but no. This is the first thing isn't it.....Women control the world hits home! She is amazing. I can't wait to get married to her.

I just hope the move goes as well.

Stay well,
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