Wednesday, January 26, 2005
good news! well ish!
Received good neas in the post yesterday from my nero! It statesI have progressive relapsing ms!!! Its better than it was.....I read further.......beacause I can walk 300 meters without aid!
Nero states this is better than last visit and proves relapse!

I still have ms but its not as quick......hmm dont know how to take it but I suppose its better news than before. I just have to tell my faily the Well you can hardley say " Great news I have ms" That is sort of rubbing it in.
Reply "We know dave!"

Good thing happened at work today, they have advised that I have 17 days holidays left to take before the end of holiday year (finishes for march in in my company). Work said I can take Febuary off or get paid for them and take 5 days off! I am starting to think this company doesnt want me there! I allready have a week booked for my bithday....... and 17 days before march 1st would give me a month off! I feel like I would be cheeting the place if I take more time off so I dont know what to do!

I think I will ask sinead.......She will be working from home at some point and I dont want to get under her feet!

So I guess thats it for now.....maybe this year will bring me good luck......It cant be any worse than last year!
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  • At 11:25 am, Blogger localhost said…

    bit of a mixed bag there...

    what are you doing for your birthday? are you popping to mum's at any point?


  • At 12:41 am, Blogger Erik said…

    I guess congrats on the "better" form of MS. It's funny sometimes with MS that it just being better than was originally thought is cause for celebration. Ugh!

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