Thursday, April 21, 2005
the first day done and I have some study to do!
hello all, my last update,after reading again makes me sound a bit......pompus! Look at me type! I know it will get worse its just going to be on my terms this time. I will get the benifit of having no people from the public shouting down my ear and I can concentrate on a craft!

Well hopfully. Yuo all know the score when it comes to me I will tell the truth here, when its good I am going to celebrate! When its bad you dont hear from me for a bit and its updated when I can do it. Still sticking to my own rule of do it while you can/when you can!
I have met some amazing people today....normals! People fighting thier own battles there own way and doing a great job. OK they dont have ms but they can relate! There internet knowlage is.... sh*t hot! Cant knock it. I am looking forward to learning some great stuff which will help me when I am going towards a degree. I have.. I will learn a great deal! I worked a full day today and i am looking forward to tomorrow too! Not a BRING IT ON moment as I am knackered and wanting to relax. Not too much to soon and take it slowly! I will do a full day tomorrow and I will look after myself! Sinead has gone out tonight so got some time to myself to have some thinking time. What next......I know the relapse is coming and I am actually looking forward to the blue drip of mitroxatone and the nausea! Just for the day or two of god I didn't think I would ever say that!

Hoping you all.....feeling good too.

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