Tuesday, April 19, 2005
sorry guys busy week enven when not feeling good
well it has been a good week with regards to moving things forword for me...mostly!

I have all last week off apart from friday, i felt the need to prove to myself and to my job which is being very supportive! I went in on friday and did a 9 till 5 shift with following the schedule supplied for me. This was great. Went in monday and did the same......wait for it....today worked till 11:00 am and requested to come home as had major pain in legs(bad bit!). When I havent been in work I have been disabled...there you go I did say it, i knew I could!

Best bit of news is that I have been given a new job.....yes I know given. I start on thursday this week if ms doesnt rear its head to much. The job: Helping the internet team maintain the intanet to supprot the call centre do thier job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see this as a major thing for me as I have been trying to get on a job like this for years. I thought that now I have diagnosed that was it for for me no more carrer progression! But NO ms you are going to fight harder to get me! There maybe an oppertunity to work from home once i am trained up! WOW!!!

I have started a basic computer course through learn direct.co.uk to get me in the mood for study for a future degree.....I dont think my life has evr been this focused before. I have a fantastic partener who put up with all the sh*t i throw at her and cant wait to get on with stuff!

Then why am I scared? I get back to you on that one!

Sorry for the delay Camile just a bit busy love!
Hope everyone is ok keep well
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  • At 2:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad to see you back! good luck with your new job :) take care

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