Friday, April 01, 2005
sorry sorry sorry
I know...sorry not written for a while.....but I have a life too you know!
I have been at work all week doing 09:00 till 14:00 just to take it easy.

My regular day so far:
09:00 get into work sign into phone and start speaking to the general public about thier creditcard accounts....
10:00 Start loosing the will to live so take a break. return to work in 15 mins
12:00 Start getting hungry as din't have breakfast so go for a break 15 mins then return to work
13:00 As above
14:00 Do the alien Lambarda to home
14:45 Get home a sleep the sleep of the dead till 18:00!
18:00 Get drunk on any beer available!(yes thats every day this week!)
So I am loosing wieght and the will to live in the same boat.....COOL! Thats what working for a living is all about!

The good thing about this week has been that I am now getting paid for my disablity and full time wages from work!!! Its like doing overtime but going in to work! My wage has gone up and I am earning more! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH MY LIFE LOTTERY! wHEN DOES MY LOTTERY NUMBERS COME UP AND WHEN CAN i EXCHANGE IT FOR A CURE?

Sorry I have been away for a week!

I havent filled in the application for the oxygen tent thing yet but its on the cards I now have a folder containing all the ms documentation I need for anything...Any newbies out there....get a folder! honest you want to keep all documents in the same place.., will be asked for them!

My younger brother is coming to stay for the weekend so we will be playing computer games, drinking and getting in to trouble with Sinead!(sorry babe but you know we will!)

Oh yeah and I have made it my mission to do a full week 9-5 the week after do overtime!

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