Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Weird days
Trip out city! Head in bad place but can seem to type! Sent home from work as i looked like a hippy for most of the day so far! Spaced out, unshaven and I feel like I not in my body!

Thats a bit dangerouse when you work on the telephone!

I think they sent me home so I dont swear at customers to be honest, dont blame them! It has given me the opertunity to sign on the web. My course is off line at the moment due to to many people signed on to the server....some body is telling me not to work today! I think I will go to bed in a bit. I have notice that I am devloping a facial twich, you cannot see it on my face but I can feel it ....I know it sounds weird but you should try doing it.....No I woundnt either if I had the option!

I fell yesterday....lost balance and landed with my jaw! Ow! Think I might get a mark but you never know with this disease. Right fingers going to sleep so I think thats it for today!
Take care everyone!

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