Tuesday, April 05, 2005
2nd day this week...
I am bored...need to find a course or somthing to do!I need to educate myself and get a better job! The only thing keeping me at the job at the moment is the fact that I am getting paid!
Only for the money! This is a bit sad! second day done and all I can think of is I have a mind to use why cant I use it to work from home! I feel like it should have something to do with computers and the internet but no one in there right mind would have me in their office. I have found a few websites allready so no web addresses please!
I still havent filled in the formfor the oxygen tent thing....hate filling in forms cause embarised about my wrighting skills(cant hold the pencil properly, spelling is terrible...no spell checker!) but I will do it soon!
Hope your all ok and I will pop in to your blogs soon!

Take it easy and when ever you can!

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