Thursday, March 24, 2005
it looks like everyone has had a bad week
I have checked a couple of bloggs this week and I can see everyone is in the same boat (not just ms but!) fatigue! Its a bitch! Had to much coffee now, I think I need a pick me up too!

Somone has suggested speed (this was a joke!) but maybe worth some consideration! dont think my liver could hack it! I think i will stick to random sleeping throughout the day. I will keep looking about for suggestions, Maybe this oxygen tent thing will work a bit .........dont know how .

I will have to fill in the forms for it first ! When I am not too tired, spotting a life loop here!

Get some rest, work, get some rest.....blar blar blar!

Oh sent home from work as i have a great pain in my tummy! Might have something to do with the fact that I havent been for about a week! Oh another life loop, talk about shit,cant do it, talk about it!!!
My god I aways go back to the gutter! Take care of each other
(850 last count! wow)
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