Thursday, July 14, 2005 crisis!
What am I going to wear?!?!? Thing I stick with quarter length pants(black) Favorit T-shirt(bark green Faithless-I cant get no sleep!) Ankle socks(black) Short sleave shirt(carcoal grey) left open so you can see the t-shirt!

Oh wait a sec I suppose you want a break down on what she will be wearing....god knows but she is a goth so I suspect lots of black and lots of eye make-up!

Just got to make sure I smell nicer than her! Oh we are going to be doing somthing simple(phew!) and lots of drink! Being a sensible woman I am going to meeting her and her.....erm fag! Fag hag alert! I dont mind meeting him...its just that he better not be there long or hit on me(its happened before)! Got a feeling there is somthing she is not telling me! Paranoia taken from last relationship....what was her name??

Still feeling good, hope the weather is fine! I hope I rock! Oh i got an email from anothergirl on the internet! Her name is beth! My god whats going on here???

Daves first rule of life is: HAPPYNESS RULES ENJOY IT

Take care
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