Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Found my 'angry teenager' in me!!!!
Nirvana: Lithium

Tune of the day! Sorry bit angry at Harry Potter! Well not Harry as such! More like the over 30's reading the books while sitting in the disabled seat! They wont move if reading! Even when you stand over them with whibbley legs and a stick! I am too polite to ask people to move....well this was this morning on the way to work! On the way back from work I just looked too hard(tall too!) The poor girl nearly sh*t herself! I said thankyou when she got up!(see!) It messed up my day tho! Every call an angry customer,every issue they raised was somthing they could do themselves!

God why give anyone else ms! I have had enough of it, you can take it back....please! Allright you give with one hand(life and everything!) and I feel your taking the piss giving a 29 year old this!

Thats when teenager in me came out! I am f*cking angry! I have done some bad things in life but....they dont desserve ms do they?


Sorry! Got to change society! I am a Man for F*ck Sake! Let me be one! Let me be the best that I can be! Let me have the chair on the tram before I get too angry!

(Jen has no credit on her phone and hasnt text me this morning! may explaine this update!)

Nirvana:Come as you are!

I need to shout out as really cant stand this feeling like a second class/hand citezen!

And then Jack rang....what a star! cheered me up no end with the irish twang! god bless ya cotton socks! ta be sure ta be sure! Havent got a chess board yet! I have to start looking soon!

Cheers Jack!

Hope everyone else has there own Jack!
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