Tuesday, August 23, 2005
full day....well so close!
5 mins off a full day! I have loads to report....but the beer thing is calling!

right ready!
Got the last of my lost cd's through the post! I say last....what I mean is I have replaced the last of lost cd's....lost under Sineads foot to be precise! We had a fight some five years ago and she came into the house and starting smashing them up! About £50.00 of lost music!....and I wonder even more why we got back together then! Thats history! Dont think baddly of her I was a paraniod mess back then!(may have had somthing to do with her who knows!) Got back catologue of Nirvana!

I have some things to do now! Rember Em? We have work out somthing commen apart from the walking sticks! We both like chess! We have met up a couple of times on msn just to play! Last night....up till 0:30 playing the game of kings! Its great to find an out let for us both! She is the queen of chess I think! We are equally matched....in the game you see!

Still no text from Jen yet...well she didnt want me to pay for it!God bless her! Missing you babe!

I am going to get a exercise bike and work out 3 times a week till I can fathom the diet from Dr Larson(Gold coast cure) Its a cost thing I think! The exercises should be fine...Yoga moves I have been told! But to prepair me for them I think a week on cycling should get me up and...errr..running! I want to get fit so my body can take the kicking! Well if I can get my good day better and continue the confident Dave then maybe this will work! Watch this space!

Really good news!I got my bonus from work! Yey! I think its for being there! I want a bigger one here! Here is to the next one!(fingers crossed)

Music:Nirvana:Smells like teen spirt!

Hope your all ok
posted by personallog! @ 4:29 pm  
  • At 8:04 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Loss of music to a feminie rage ... worst of both worlds!

  • At 2:02 am, Blogger mouse said…

    Hey there big guy. Good luck with the exercise bike. Just make sure you get to fully extend your legs on the pedalling or you can do the lumber disk shuffle which is seriously painful.

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