Friday, August 19, 2005
Legs hurt today and causing wierd thoughts!
I am off today because my legs hurt! Need a pain killer or a couple of beers. I have sent a text to Jen asking her to design me a tatoo (She is the artist)! Well it could be my 'doing something amazing' idea for the week! Got money to do it so why not?

I have never done somthing like that ever...It would be something to ID my body if anything were to happen to me(it wont dont worry!) why not! I have asked for somthing celtic and no symbols that mean something else! Like symbols that stand for somthing in another language....the last thing I wont to do is offend or make myself look stupid! No Japanese or Chinese symbols that could be....pie an chips from a menue!(eh Sinead!No hers means beutiful and she is, wink*!)

I want somthing cool! That will look cool on an old man...why I am older! I will put a pic on here if/when I get it done! Any designs emailed to me will be concidered! Be nice with then please! I think on my arm or somewhere that can be hidden....I still want to give the impression that I am human! Please help as it will be for the rest of my life! No facial tatoo's like from Voyager!

Strange thoughts....but if I am going to be in pain anyway why not make it decorative! Lol


Music today....chilled Radiohead:ok computer

It now reminds me of Jen and her staying over! What a night! Good thought for this album now. I told you I would shake the bad thoughts off it!
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